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About Wessex Performance

Wessex Performance offers Textron Off Road ATV/UTVs, full-service diesel and gasoline repair, and state inspections, Rough Country performance parts, lift kits, and more.

Wessex Performance was founded by Bud Herold and Donald Kimball.

The two owners met by chance when one accidentally drove his truck through the other’s yard on a cold day one January morning.

Striking up a conversation, the two formed a friendship that spread to the families and exists to this day. Both families are a result of American exceptionalism, and born through the generations of American history has emerged two clans united by their love of God, patriotism, blue-collar work ethic, and passion for the outdoors.

The mechanics’ shop is currently open and the ATV shop will open soon.

Wessex Performance

The Herold Family

The Kimball Family

The Herold family has lived in Pennsylvania for more than seven generations. Bud Herold spent more than 25 years in the construction industry, building beautiful, quality homes for hundreds of families. Going into business for himself at the age of 19, fighting through all the hardships of proving one’s talent, and making it through the lean times.

Bud is a man forged by tough conditions, possessing a self-reliance evident by his dedication to provide for his family the American dream.

His attention to detail and dedication to the customer in giving a finished product is now being brought to Wessex Performance, where his same devotion and thoughtful foresight is being applied to giving their customers more for their money, in a world that wants to nickel and dime you to death.

“I believe in the old-school tradition of giving the customer more for less,” Bud said.

Bud’s beautiful wife Melanie is the Wessex Performance on-sight notary and his son Peyton a top-notch mechanic, possessing formidable knowledge in customization of all our off-road products and stands by ready to assist our customers, whatever their needs.

Bud’s beautiful and smart-as-a-whip daughter, Sierra, currently attends college. There is little doubt that one day she will be a part of the Wessex Performance Team.

The Kimball family is a transplant to Clarion County.

Donald Kimball is from Florida and his wife Jessica was born and raised in Washington County, PA.

Don joined the U.S. Marine Corps when he was just 17. Born into a family with a long history of service to this nation, Donald dedicated himself to a life of service.

This dedication took him all over the world, and in any climb and place, Don went. Taught the Marine Corps way, a fast-paced, no-nonsense, get-things-done-yesterday mentality. Don is driven to move forward no matter the obstacle.

“Your problems are OUR problems, whether it’s mechanical work done on a vehicle, or getting you the right off-road vehicle, we are driven to ensure YOU (the customer) are properly served,” Don said. “Efficient service and unmatched integrity is Don’s commitment to every person that walks through the doors of Wessex Performance.”

Don’s beautiful wife Jessica, once a former Marine herself and just as patriotic, has shown absolute devotion to his dream, so as long as he brings home the bacon. Don and Jessica’s four sons, Daniel, 7, Joshua, 3, Caleb, 2, and the newborn Jason, ensure a steady stream of properly trained and customer-committed, future Wessex Performance employees in the years to come.